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New Italian Restaurant in Frisco Definitely Worth a Try





2010 Italian Rosso di Montalcino, a velvety smooth red

We recently tried a new dining option in Frisco, the Trattoria al Giardino located at Hwy 121 and Legacy in Frisco. We arrived on a Saturday with a 7 pm reservation, and the restaurant was buzzing with folks enjoying the warm ambience of the dining area. At that point, the Trattoria had only been open a week, and like any new restaurant, we expected some hiccups. There were just some minor ones, related to service, but overall, once the kinks and the “opening jitters” are worked out, the service will likely be impeccable.

Now to the best part – the food and wine. Our group of four ordered the clams cooked in a white wine sauce, which, in my humble opinion, were the best of the four apps we had. We also tried the carpaccio, which was served with slices of parmesan cheese on a bed of greens. Not the traditional way to serve carpaccio (I’m partial to the capers/aioli sauce version), but it was an interesting take on the dish. We also tried the calamari, fried and tasty, served with the red sauce you’d expect, and embellished with slivers of fried artichoke (a nice touch). We also had the mussels, which were initially brought to our table by mistake (instead of the clams), but the error was immediately corrected, and the attentive manager told us to enjoy the mussels, and then the clams were brought over right away. The mussels were fabulous, served in a small black pot, steaming hot and sitting in a buttery sauce – which then of course was quite suitable for dipping the focaccia bread into. Really good stuff!

Each of the entrees were served up promptly, and my “Vitello al Limone” – the veal scaloppini with white wine, capers, and lemon – was tender and delectable. Served with a side of roasted zucchini, potatos and carrots, the veal was light and very flavorful, with the hint of lemony capers adding a zesty flair. My husband ordered the Osso Bucco, which arrived on a bed of lovely risotto. He gave me a bite of both, and both the meat and the risotto were fabulous. I went back for several forkfuls of the risotto.

The entire meal was accompanied by a super Italian red wine – a 2010 Rosso di Montalcino. Velvety smooth, yet bold, it was the perfect accompaniment to all of our entrees. Last but not least, the four of us split the Tiramisu. My husband has made this dessert for our family, so I’m slightly partial to his, but Trattoria’s version was quite enjoyable and served artistically with a cocoa powder outline of a spoon and fork decorating the plate.

All in all, we had great time at Trattoria al Giardino, and I’d recommend stopping by. Make a reservation because it’s likely going to stay busy.






Good Food and Wine – What Else Is There?


Hello all! This is my first blog post ever. I’ve always wanted to blog about food and wine, and I was inspired to finally take the plunge and do it after a fab dining experience at a cute little Italian eatery in McKinney. Located on Virginia Parkway, Cavalli’s Pizza Napoletana and Wine Bar offers wonderful pizza choices as its primary staple, but my hubby, pals and I took advantage last night of the wide array of tapas choices, including the most delicious sea scallops and asparagus dish, served in a rich sauce made with Prosecco wine. The sauce makes this dish, and once you taste it, you’ll be a fan of Cavalli’s for life. If you’re watching your waistline, you may not want to venture in, but if you’re looking for scrumptious authentic Italian food, make a reservation and make a night of it.  We enjoyed an evening of various tapas, including mussels steamed in a garlic butter sauce that I could probably enjoy every day of my life, plus a bruschetta dish made up of garlic butter bread adorned with anchovies (yes, anchovies) and a beautiful cheese that I can’t recall the name of right now (obviously enjoying myself too much to write it down), but let’s just say if I ever eat anchovies again, it will be in this tapas dish.  We enjoyed all the great food with two bottles of an excellent red wine – Eneo 2005, a super silky smooth red blend (70% Sangiovese, 20% Colorino, 10% Merlot). From the Tuscany region of Italy, this wine goes well with a variety of foods (we ate everything from meatballs to scallops to shrimp), and it never stopped enriching the palate and complementing the food.  Very well balanced, with hints of dark cherries and rasberry, it was simply delightful.

There you have it now – my first blog post, and this was so much fun, I can’t wait to go out to eat again and come back and write about it! I hoped I helped some of you food and wine afficionados out there with some information you can use about a treasure of a restaurant: Cavalli’s. Make a reservation because based on the Friday night crowd, lots of folks realize what a find this place is.

And remember, life is too short to drink bad wine. 🙂